What Causes Bloat In Dogs

Bloat In Dogs Lori Newman What causes bloat in dogs? Bloat or gastric dilatation is a life threatening disease which affects dogs in the prime of life. It is more common in large breed dogs and is marked by gastric … Continue reading

Dangers of Over Vaccinating Your Dog

Over Vaccinating Your Dog By Lori Newman There are many dangers of over-vaccinating your dog. Dog vaccination involves some risk as any medical procedure does. The benefit far outweighs the risk. In some cases, a dog may experience pain, swelling, … Continue reading


Canine Hypothyroidism Disease By Lori Newman What is canine hypothyroidism disease?  Hypothyroidism is a common hormonal disorder in dogs.  One of the most important glands in the body is the thyroid gland. It is part of the hormone producing endocrine … Continue reading


Canine Corneal Damage By Lori Newman Canine corneal damage is a common problem that results from an eye injury. The cornea or clear part of the eye is covered by a protective layer of epithelial cells. Anything that irritates the … Continue reading


Tear Stains On Dogs By Lori Newman There are many causes for tear stains. • Heredity plays an important part in eye staining. • Nutrition and dental health play a role in tearing. Excessive tearing can be caused by water … Continue reading