Buying A Healthy Puppy

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How to find a puppy?  One important factor to consider when buying a healthy puppy is age.  The best age to buy a puppy is around eight weeks old.  This is the best age to ship too.

When buying a puppy it is always wise to be sure the breeder gives you a 72 hour vet check.  A good breeder is willing to stand behind the health of their puppies.  No breeder can guarantee you the puppy will win in the show ring.  Even an experienced breeder has a hard time picking a future champion at eight weeks of age.  The socialization, medical care, feeding, training after the purchase, are ever bit as important as the genetic background of the parents.  It takes time to find a puppy that is right for your family.

When choosing a puppy for health and soundness, take your time and go over the puppy from head to tail.  Examine the puppy’s nose.  It should be cool and moist.  There should be no nasal discharge.  Nasal discharge or sneezing may be signs of a respiratory infection.

The gums should be pink and healthy looking.  Pale gums indicate anemia.  Anemia may be causes from worms or other parasites.

Check the top of the head for a soft spot.  If you find a soft spot, the fontanel is open.  This is not desirable.  In Toy breeds a large dome, sunken eyes and open fontanel suggest hydrocephalus.  Hydrocephalus means water on the brain.  Which can cause severe problems and death of the puppy.

The eyes should look straight ahead and should be clear.  No discharge should be seen.

The ears should be healthy and well furred.  Crusty tips with bare spots suggest mange.    The ear canal should be clean and have no fowl order.  Wax with a rancid odor, may indicate ear mites.  Head shaking may be a sign of an ear infection.

The skin and hair around the anus should be clean and healthy looking.  Signs of redness, hair loss or irritation indicate the possibility of worms or diarrhea.

The coat should be shiny and bright.  Any signs of hair loss can be signs of mange or ringworm.

Puppies should be active, alert, playful and full of vitality.  You should look for a sweet disposition.   You never want a puppy that appears aggressive or shy.

Good health and good disposition go hand in hand.  You should pick a puppy that has self-confidence and lots of energy.

Any guarantees concerning the puppy for sale should be discussed before the purchase is made.  Finding a reputable breeder with puppies for sale is not always an easy task.

You should receive the puppy’s registration papers, pedigree,  health certificate, shot records and a diet sheet.  Most breeders provide a sample of the dog food they are feeding the puppy.  You never want to change a puppy’s diet.  It can give the puppy an upset stomach or diarrhea.



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