Canine Flu

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Canine flu is out there lurking.  Keeping your dog inside, is not the answer.  Vaccination is the key.

Many dog owners take their dogs to dog parks and kennels to keep their pets safe and entertained.

What is canine influenza?  Canine influenza is highly contagious and spreads rapidly.  It is caused by a new virus and dogs have no natural immunity against it.  A dog can be infected and highly contagious before any signs of illness appear.

Many doggy day cares and kennels now require vaccinations for Bordetella, kennel cough, and also canine influenza.

Symptoms of canine influenza include sneezing, coughing, runny nose, or eyes and fever.  These are the same signs as other canine illnesses.  You should call your Vet immediately if your dog has any of these signs.  The symptoms can be mild, but dog flu can be life threatening.  If left untreated,  it can turn in to canine pneumonia.  Around 20 percent of dogs with flu symptoms will develop a more serious illness.

Dog flu is not like human flu.  You can not catch it from your dog.  Unlike the common human flu, it strikes year round.  In 2004, the canine flu was first reported and has spread to 34 states across the United States.

There is a vaccine for canine influenza that will make infection less likely.  The canine flu vaccine is effective and safe.  It was tested on over a half million dogs to make sure of its safety.

If you and your dog are social butterflies, you should make sure and give him the canine influenza vaccine and the Bordetella vaccine to provide complete protection against respiratory infections.



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