Teaching your dog commands to follow is an important part of dog ownership. The ‘down’ command is a great first lesson. Remember to always give praise, have lots of patience and reward correct behavior with treats as positive reinforcement.

Dog Training With Clicker Method

Dog Training With Clicker Method

By Admin

What is clicker training?  Dog training with clicker method is a fun way to train dog behavioral skills.  You need to do some research on this method or have a trainer show you how to do it properly.  Doing it incorrectly can become confusing to the dog.

How do you train a dog?  A dog clicker is a hand held noise maker that makes a clicking sound as you press it with your thumb.  If you use the method correctly, your dog will come to associate the sound of the clicker with a treat or food, and eventually with a behavior that earns him a treat.  This is a quick and effective training for dogs method.

When choosing dog training clickers you want one that has a quick, sharp click sound.  The ones that have the stainless steel mechanism are the best.  Dog clickers are useful in free style dancing and agility training, because you can click for a behavior even if the dog is a good distance away from you.  The dog knows that the click signal means he did the right thing.

Another positive point for using clicker dog training is that you can shape behaviors from your dog.  This allows him to think about his next move and weather or not it will get him a click and a treat.

Most dogs respond very positively to click training.  Many dogs are intelligent and respond well to free shaping techniques used with clicker training.  Once a dog realizes his actions control the click, he will continue to offer behaviors and try to earn a click.

You can train a lot of commands by waiting for a behavior and then marking it with the clicker.  A dog will quickly learn what you are looking for in each case and which behaviors earn a click.  At first, the use of the clicker can be awkward for the handler, but once mastered, it can be a fantastic tool.

If you are going to try dog training with a clicker, don’t forget to stock up on a lot of small, soft treats and a couple of treat dispensers.  You should look for books on the subject too.  A treat dispensing toy will keep your dog occupied and entertained.  Treats are essential to any pet training program.  Treats make great positive reinforcement rewards for your dog.  When using treats for training, use only small and soft treats that your dog can consume quickly.