Good Puppy Nutrition

Good Puppy nutritionPuppy Nutrition

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What to feed a puppy?  A good nutrition program is important especially during the first year of the puppies life.  Finding a good puppy nutrition program is not always an easy task.    A new puppy will grow fast and will need a balanced diet to support the rapid growth.  All puppies have special nutrition needs during their growth phase.  They need about 35% more protein for building strong bones and muscle tissue.  You should buy foods that are labeled puppy or growth until 90% of skeletal growth is completed.  They burn tons of energy and have small stomachs.  A young puppy’s diet should provide it with all the nutrients he needs to grow and remain active.

When choosing a puppy food, select one with the AAFCO seal of approval.   The Association of American Food Control Officials is responsible for quality assurance for pet foods and animal nutrition.  Kibble should be preserved naturally vitamin C or E.  You should not buy more animal food than you can feed in one month.  Store kibble in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and temperature fluctuations.

During the first six months of life, puppies require several small meals throughout the day.  Feeding frequent meals ensure blood glucose levels remain active and provide a steady supply of energy.

Calcium and phosphorus are primary components of bone and teeth.  The correct amount and balance of these minerals are required to promote proper musculoskeletal development.  A deficiency or excess level of calcium and phosphorus are dangerous.  A deficiency can lead to weak bones and fractures.  An excess can cause developmental orthopedic disease in large breed puppies.  An adult good dog food contains too much calcium and phosphorus.  Small or medium sized dogs can have a food labeled for all life stages, but not for large and giant breeds.

Protein are critical for providing energy and building enzymes, hormones, hemoglobin, and strong bodies.  Young animals need it for growth and maintenance.  Protein builds muscle.  If a puppy doesn’t get enough, it’s tissues and organs won’t develop properly.  Dogs need more protein than people do.  Protein can be found in fish, meat, eggs and soybeans.  The higher the quality of protein, the less the dogs needs.

All life stages pet foods should not be fed to your large breed puppy during the first six months. It contains too much calcium and phosphorus for large breeds and can cause serious orthopedic problems down the road.  Feed a good food for pets formulated for large breed puppies.  They must grow at a slow, steady rate.  You should read the canine nutrition label on the bag of dog food.  It will list all ingredients in the food.

Benefits of healthy eating give your puppy the gift of future health and proper growth.  The nutrition a puppy receives provides the building blocks of the adult dog he will become.  Providing your new puppy with the right tools to build a strong and healthy body will serve him well throughout his years of adulthood.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Don’t feed your puppy with dry foods. Soak the dry food in some water and fed with the wet kibble and do not depend on store bought food completely. Make some healthy recipes for your puppy and feed with that home made recipes.

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