Dog groomingGrooming Your Dog

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How to groom a dog?  Grooming should be an important part of your dogs healthcare regimen.  Grooming helps you bond with your dog.

When grooming your dog, you should always inspect your dog, so you will catch any skin changes, painful areas, runny eyes, smelly ears or dental problems.

Give your dog a good massage before brushing.  This will help you feel any skin changes and stimulate your dogs skin .  It will help distribute coat oils for a shinier coat.  It relaxes the the dog and prepares him for his grooming session.

Always brush your dog before bathing.  Water tightens tangles into knots and mats.

You can use conditioning spray and work it through your dogs coat with a dog brush first and then a comb.  You should work all the way down to the skin, where the tangles hide.

Even short coated dogs can benefit from brushing.  Brushing removes shed hair and stimulates blood circulation, oil production, which help protect skin and coat against the drying effects of soap and water.

If you see a tick while brushing, be sure and remove it before it spreads disease.  Always use gloves to prevent the tick from infesting you.  If you see fleas, address them immediately with a preventative product.  Your Vet will know which product is best for your dog.

A good dog bathing eliminates dirt in the skin folds that attract bacteria and debris that tangles your dog’s coat.

Coat conditioners moisturizers hair and skin.  Too many baths can cause dry skin.  Corn starch or baby powder can be used in between baths to freshen up your dog.

Conditioners are used to strengthen the hair, provide anti-static to the hair, helps to detangle, penetrates the hair shaft for moisture absorption. and leaves no residue.

Grooming should involve cleaning the dogs ears, dog nail trimming and using dog clipping shears to trim hair from between paw pads.  Don’t forget to brush those doggy teeth to prevent plaque from forming.  Dental bacterial can cause serious health problems.

Always use a shampoo made for dogs or puppies.  Human shampoos are too strong and can irritate or dry the coat out.  Shampoo removes the dirt from your dog’s coat and gives your dog a clean fresh smell



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