Puppy Tips On Feeding

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We want to share with you some puppy tips on feeding a  puppy.  What to feed a puppy, how much and how many times a day you feed him is very important to his health.

Raising a puppy requires a serious commitment. If you are thinking of buying one, get ready to spend time, attention and lots of cash on your new family member.

The first thing you need is puppy food.  A pet puppy has special nutritional needs during the growth stage.  Puppies need about 35% more protein than an adult dog for building strong muscle tissue and bone.

Food for puppies should be labeled growth or puppies.  You should follow the manufacturer’s guide on how to feed a puppy.  How much to feed a puppy depends on its size and the type food you are feeding.

Puppies have small stomachs and burn loads of energy.  You should feed him several times a day.  If your puppy is younger than ten weeks, he should be fed four meals a day.  Pet puppies ten week to six months should eat 3 times a day and puppies older than six months, two times a day.

The free feed method is best for small breeds less than 20 pounds.  Medium and large breed dogs should be fed specific portions so they do not overeat.

When feeding puppies, skip foods like chocolate, nuts, onions, grapes and raisins, which are all toxic to pets.

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