Dog Ear Hematoma

Ear hematoma in dogsDog Ear Hematoma

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A dog ear hematoma is a sudden swelling of the ear flap that contains blood.  Causes of a hematoma in dogs are scratching, violent head shaking, or rough handling of the ears of dogs.  It can be easily mistaken for an abscess or a growth.  A canine hematoma can be very painful.  It usually happens in one ear, but can happen in both.

In the absence of known trauma to the dog ears, predisposing factors such as irritations and dog ear infections should be looked for and treated.

To prevent ultimate scarring and deformity of the dogs ears, blood should be released from the hematoma.  It can not be removed with a needle and syringe, as serum accumulates in the space formerly occupied by the blood clot.

The treatment for an ear hematoma in dogs involves surgery.  It involves the removal of a window of skin to provide open and continuous drainage.  The ear is then bandaged until it heals.  An Elizabethan collar can be used to keep the dog from scratching its ears after surgery.

Ear flap hematoma’s affects breeds with long, floppy ears.  Problems with dog ear mites and dog ear infections can cause a dog ear hematoma.  The canine ear can become red and infected and cause many problems if left untreated.  Ear infections in dogs can be prevented with regular grooming.