Biting In Dogs

Biting in Dogs

By Admin

Why dogs bites?  All dogs have the potential to bite regardless of the breed or background.  Biting in dogs is caused by fear, pain, aggression, too much pestering, or to protect their territory which includes their property, house or people.  It is the dogs main defense.  A dog bite can be dangerous and should be treated promptly.

Prevention of dog biting includes not allowing anyone to push the dog past his comfort zone.  If your dog was not socialized as a puppy, you should take the time now to introduce him to the world and make him more comfortable in this world.  A dog that bites can be a danger to your family and friends.

The most important thing about dog bites is the damage it can cause.  If your dog bites someone and causes the skin to break, a trainer should be consulted or a dog bite training course should be taken.  Biting dogs should be managed so they do not have an opportunity to bite people again.  Ninety percent of the time, a dog snaps more than he bites.  The dog should be desensitized to the things that trigger the snapping.   A dog should be taught not to just tolerate, but to enjoy the things that cause him to bite.

Dogs are sensitive about their paws, ears, collar, and about being stared at or hugged,.  Some dogs do not like children, strangers or men.  These are things you have to desensitize.

If you are having serious biting or aggression problems, you should consult a certified animal behaviorist.