Whipworm Infection In Dogs

Dog whipworm infectionWhipworm

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What are Whipworms?  Whipworm infection in dogs is a common intestinal parasite.  They are two to three inches long and are very thin and threadlike.    They are a dog parasites that fastens itself to the wall of the gut.  They can cause severe irritation to the large intestine.  Dog whipworms get their name from the whip shape of the adult dog worms.  This canine parasite is hard to detect with the naked eye.  Dogs with worms may have anemia and show signs of weakness.

Symptoms of parasite infection are weight loss, watery, bloody diarrhea, streaked with muscus.  A baby whipworm emerge en route to the intestine.  When mature they attach themselves to the lower intestine and begin to reproduce.  Canine parasites can cause malnutrition problems.

The female lays fewer eggs than other canine worms and infestations are usually light.  This makes it difficult to detect the presence of whipworms.  The eggs are introduced by  licking infected ground.  Canine whipworm eggs are very hardy and can remain in the environment for years.

Telmintic and Panacur are effective dog worms treatment.  Two or more wormings are usually required to kill all worms in dogs.

To prevent your dog from getting worms, you must practice good sanitation.  Stools should be removed daily from your yard or kennel.  Cement runs can be bleached to kill bacteria and larvae.  This helps prevent re-infection.

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