Dog Pyometra

Dog pyometraDog Pyometra

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Dog pyometra is an abscess of the dogs uterus.  It occurs in females over six years of age and in unspayed females.  It is a life threatening disease of the uterus.  A hormonal imbalance is suspected to be the cause of the disease.

Pyometra in a dog usually appears from one to two months after the female goes out of heat.  A female with pyometra appears depressed and lethargic, vomits, refuses to eat, drinks excessive amounts of water and urinates frequently.

Most of the time there will be abdominal enlargement.  A low grade temperature may exist.  The condition is due to an abscessed uterus.  The canine infection can be fatal, if left untreated.

If the cervix is open, you will see a yellow or greenish foul smelling vaginal discharge.  If the cervix closed and there is no vaginal drainage, rapid deterioration or death can occur.  See your vet immediately.  Uterine infections in dogs can happen a few weeks after the birth of puppies too.  A red or brownish discharge can be present.

An infection of the vagina is not common in dogs.

Pyometra symptoms are:

loss of appetite
increased water intake
increased urination
enlarged abdomen

Spaying is the treatment for canine pyometra dogs with a uterus infection.  In most cases medications is unsuccessful.  Immediate surgery is required because pyometra in dogs is life threatening.

Prevention includes spaying your dog before the first heat.  Having the procedure done early may prevent breast cancer.