Ectropion In Dogs

Ectropion In DogsEctropion In Dogs

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What is drooping eyelids?  Ectropion in dogs is when the dog’s eyelid is rolled outward from the face exposing the eye to irritation.  The condition is usually seen in dogs with loose facial skin such as Spaniels, Hounds, and Saint Bernards.  It is seen in older dogs in which the facial skin has lost its tone and sags.  Saggy eyes can be seen in hunting dogs after a long day in the field.  The upper or lower lid may be affected.

To tighten the lid and protect the eye, plastic surgery may be necessary.  This will  help correct the drooping eyes.

Dogs with long hair around the face are subject to eye irritation.

In some cases the eye lids droop exposing the cornea.

Ectropion can cause conjunctivitis, excessive tearing, inflammation of the cornea and discharge from the eye.

Treament for Ectropion in dogs depends on how severe the condition is.  Mild ectropion may not need to be treated.  Moderate cases can be treated with medicated eye drops.  More severe cases may require surgery.