Why Dogs Cough

Dogs CoughDogs Cough

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Why dogs cough?  Coughing in dogs in a common problem.  All dogs that cough do not have a serious illness.  A dog that coughs can have a sore throat.  A canine cough is one of your dogs best defense mechanisms.  Any irritation of the breathing tubes will trigger a cough reflex in dogs.  A violent rush of air cleans material from the breathing tubes and the lungs.  Pollution and pollens in the air can irritate the respiratory system.

If the dog cough is accompanied by fever, weight loss, difficulty breathing, lethargy, blue gums and tongue, with a history of heart disease, heart murmur, or a malignant tumor, you should call your vet immediately.

If your dog is coughing, it could have canine influenza which is commonly called dog flu.

Tracheobronchitis or dog kennel cough causes a dog dry cough that is unproductive and sounds serious.  Kennel cough is a viral disease that is highly contagious among dogs.  Kennel cough causes the dog to gag after the coughing spasm and bring up a white foam.

Heartworm disease can start with a dog coughing, because the dead worms can lodge in the lung tissue.

Toy and obese dogs may develop a collapsed trachea, which causes a goose honk cough.  You may notice it after the dog gets a drink of water.  It can be diagnosed by a X-Ray.

If the dog has unwanted material in the breathing tubes, you can use a cool mist vaporizer or turn on the shower to produce steam.  You should see some relief from the congestion in fifteen in minutes.  If no improvement is seen, call your vet.

A dog with a cough may have canine distemper.  Distemper in dogs is a contagious and serious disease that has no known cure.  The dog may sneeze and have a discharge from the eyes.

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